HAITI, LOVE A CHILD INC. || MAY 19-25 2018

This year we had the opportunity to visit 4 different villages, spend time with the children at the LAC orphanage, and love on families in mountain villages who rarely see visitors. We were blessed to get to baptize one of our team members in the lake that borders one of Love A Child’s oldest villages. It was incredible to see the village children gather around to be a part of that moment - something that we will not soon forget. Despite the bleak news that pours out of Haiti on a regular basis, God is moving in a powerful way on this tiny island nation. His Word is bearing fruit in people’s lives, and we are encouraged by what Love A Child is doing in their country. 


Reaching A Generation works tirelessly to bring clean, accessible drinking water to different villages as they share the good news of the Gospel through children’s churches and feeding programs.  This year, support was raised to fund five water wells.  One of these wells was funded through one of our partner organizations, Breaking Chains International. Our team faced disappointment when the drill rig experienced mechanical issues, but that gave us the opportunity to connect more with the kids in each village. We also had the opportunity to witness the first graduating class of 14 girls at the Imagine Hope Center - a 6-month leadership program where young women study the Word, learn valuable skills that will help them make money in the future, and focus on their school studies so that they can eventually go on to change their generation and their nation.  What a testimony to RAG’s vision to see young lives be changed forever for His Kingdom.